1. Live Music
    Music is now everywhere, TV, Radio and the internet make millions of songs just a few clicks away. But nothing comes close to seeing your favourite musicians live on stage and we bring those shows to life.
  2. Comedians
    We all need a right good laugh from time to time and we pride ourselves on booking and organising the funniest of comedians from around the world
  3. Local Events
    The UK plays host to many fantastic events year round and Towering Promotions plays a part in hosting, booking or promoting some of these wonderful events. As well as playing host to some of the most talented and creative performers the UK also attracts the best international talent
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Events all across the UK, you might just find the event for you
Towering Promotions was newly established in 2016 with a simple goal, to bring the best live performers from around the world to venues across the UK. 
Many rival promotion companies only concentrate on the big venues, but there is demand right across the UK. We have partnered with a variety of venues right across the country to get the best deals for the acts we book and for fans no matter where they are in the country. 
If you love live music, the funniest comedians around and other events such as festivals then expect to see Towering Promotions involved with more of the shows you are interested in attending. Be sure to follow Towering Promotions across social media to follow events as we announce them because tickets will sell out fast! 
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2016 looks like a very exciting year for Towering Promotions, there will be some great shows and some of the biggest names in music performing at our events. 
Craig Seddon - Towering Promotions Lead Promoter
Live Modern Marketing
We operate right across the UK with access to venues from 2000 right up to 21'000  capacities meaning we can work with performers at various stages in their careers. Whether they are just breaking through or dominating the charts we can put on the shows and get them in packed arenas performing to packed out crowds. 
The venues we use have in house promoting teams with access to millions of fans through their social media channels and databases. But Towering Promotions work as hard as we can using the most sophisticated and modern marketing techniques, mainly online, to publicise events. This means when we book an act to play at one of our partner venues expect tickets to sell out fast!